Information Security & Privacy Services
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Go as far as you want

The level of involvement of AxisNet is modular. In addition to providing technology-enabled services, AxisNet can carry through the role of DPO on behalf of the Client or train and grow the Client’s own people.

Technology-enabled Service

The Client chooses whether to use the Axam service (that comes with integrated LogAds) or LogAds alone. In both cases, AxisNet is responsible for advisory, administration, maintenance, and optimization.

Data Protection Officer – DPO

The GDPR calls for appointing a person in charge of providing information, advisory, and enforcement about Data Protection. AxisNet is qualified to provide such role “as-a-service”.


We offer our customers the opportunity to help and train the person identified to take on the role of DPO. Training is also targeted at Security Managers and Qualified System Administrators.