Information Security & Privacy Services
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About us

We make the same difference between buying a car and buying a chauffeur service. We don’t care about selling technology in itself. We drive our Clients step-by-step where they want to go; from installation to training their own people, when so requested.

Alessandro Bottonelli

The Company

AxisNet was established in 2001. Beyond the experience and skills of its owner, the two key intellectual properties of Axisnet are:

  • Axam – AxisNet Assessment Methodology
  • LogAds – collection of logs, unalterable after collection

AxisNet is a qualified NATO/OTAN vendor.



AxisNet avails itself of long-standing trusted professionals for research, development, and management of its platforms and services.


AxisNet’s founder and main owner Alessandro Bottonelli is member of Assintel’s Security Working Party, co-author of GDPR’s Code of Conduct for ICT firms (pending approval by Italian Data Protection Authority). Alessandro held security classes for Politecnico di Milano and Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia. He is qualified ISO27001 / BS7799 Lead Auditor and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

Axisnet technology makes your Information Security compliant to the latest Euopean and non European Privacy Laws, to the GDPR, the ISO-27001 standard, the Digital Administration Code, and Law n. 231.