Information Security & Privacy Services
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The majority of privacy failures stem from “insiders”- our own employees - not external hackers.
More than 90% of employees admit to violating policies designed to prevent breaches and noncompliance.

True: the more
data you have, the better your business choices can be.
True as well: the more data you collect, the greater is their vulnerably and the lesser your ability to protect them.

AxisNet supports its Clients to become self-aware of their Data and Information Management vulnerability levels and leads them in fixing the Data and Information security gaps while respecting the Client’s own context and timing.

Our target market:

  • Mid to large organizations (>200 users)
  • Associations / Purchasing Groups / International Networks / Franchising/li>
  • Organizations managing complex, critical and sensitive data
  • Public Admnistration / Public Sector
  • ISO27001 certified organizations
  • Security and Safety Services Sector


Axisnet: beyond compliance


your data fast and effectively

When the burden of proof is borne by the defendant and the
management of personal data is embedded into the business model of your company, it strategically relevant for you to be able to defend your company fast and easily produce admissible evidence in a court of law.


operational continuity to your business processese 

In a few targeted steps, you can go back to all the activities that a user performs and document them in a user-friendly report to ensure maximum operational continuity.


when your system is less loaded 

Thanks to the modeling, tracking, and tracing of who-does-whatwhen, you are able to plan and optimize server usage.


Trust gained on the ground